TASCMAR is a European H2020 EU funded research project that investigates the chemical potential of the ocean’s mesophotic coral ecosystem at depths between 30 and >150 m in tropical and subtropical regions. The goal is to develop sustainable methods for discovering chemical compounds that can be used for application in diverse fields such as health/nutrition, depollution and nature-based cosmetics. Anti-ageing was chosen as the key theme of the project and ultimately, we will evaluate the extracts and pure molecules found on a set of biological assays that will reveal their potential to interfere with the processes of cellular senescence, in vivo ageing and angiogenesis.

Invertebrates from various locations around the world (Red Sea, Mediterranean, Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, La Réunion island) and their microbial symbionts were cultivated and extracted with innovative technologies.

To date hundreds of invertebrates and symbionts were investigated reveling species new to science, very active compounds and leading to the development of innovative pilot-scale technologies such as Unifertex and Somartex.

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In the frame of the XVI MANaPro & XI ECMNP, TASCMAR partners organize a workshop focusing on the vision and outcomes of the project and discussing future European collaborative opportunities.