MH PENICHE HOTEL is located in Peniche, Portugal. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, MHPeniche is both modern and elegant, and provides a relaxing and welcoming environment, fitting right in with the sea and beach settings. The best sightseeing spots of Central Portugal, such as Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Ericeira, Óbidos, Fátima, Nazaré and Batalha, are within one hour of traveling.


Peniche is located on the Western coast of Portugal, approximately 90 km from the capital Lisbon. The county houses rich Historical and Cultural Heritages, excellent beaches, outstanding natural beauty, delicious fish-based gastronomy, and is well known as a world-class surf destination. In fact, Peniche has several of the most famous beaches in Portugal, like Consolação, Baleal and SuperTubos that are much sought by surfing enthusiasts. One of the major highlights of Peniche is the Berlenga Islands, recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. This paradisiacal place is the most important stopover and refuge of seabirds in the Iberian Peninsula. Beyond the high botanical interest gathered by the region, with two endemic and over a dozen species that are rarely found in Portugal’s mainland, the surrounding waters supports thousands of marine species with extraordinary scientific, commercial and touristic interest.